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Managed Logistics – The Benefits of ‘Just in Time’ Transport

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A key part of a comprehensive managed logistics service is the ability to provide ‘Just in Time’ (JIT) transport solutions, ensuring that time-critical deliveries are always executed promptly and efficiently.

Cargo Express provide full supply chain logistics and management services, including JIT transport, to ensure all your logistics needs are met.

What is ‘Just in Time’ transport?

A key aspect of supply chain management, JIT transport is the process of ensuring that a specific delivery arrives at its destination within a specific timeline.

JIT transport will either have a hard deadline that needs to be met or a specific day on which the cargo needs to be delivered. As a result, JIT operations will often be planned out extensively beforehand to ensure that there are no delays or issues that could jeopardise the arrival of material.

There are several benefits to Cargo’s JIT service which all stem from our excellent collaboration and transparency with our clients.

Clear Communication and Collaboration

When handling time sensitive deliveries, it is crucial for a logistics managed service provider to maintain constant communication with their client to ensure all their needs are met.

Our team work closely with you to understand your non-negotiables for every delivery, understanding your needs and devising a plan that will cover all bases. We will start by collecting all the necessary information we need to work with you, including customs and border check documentation if required, and start creating the most efficient route.

While the delivery is underway, you will be able to track your shipment and reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or last-minute changes. We strive to provide only the best customer service – find out how we did this for our client who needed an urgent delivery made to Portugal during their Christmas shutdown period!

Effective Route Planning

A key aspect of ensuring a delivery is on time is minimising potential delays with effective route planning. We have a dedicated transport team on hand who help create bespoke, efficient routes for every single delivery. They will monitor and change routes as needed to avoid road closures, unnecessary border checks, heavy traffic, and more.

Their diligent work ensures that every vehicle in our fleet arrives at its intended destination with time to spare, even ensuring that same- or next-day delivery services within UK borders are completed without question.

Route planning is also necessary in allowing us to keep costs down, giving us the opportunity to group several smaller JIT deliveries together if they are heading in the same direction. This means you needn’t pay for a whole van or trailer if your material will only fill a fraction of it!

Proactive Risk Management

There are often crucial risks that need to be analysed and combatted with any delivery, but when dealing with a deadline, it is crucial that they are carefully managed from the start. If you are transporting non-standard goods, fragile material, or heavy loads, you must work with a logistics provider who is positioned to deal with these requirements.

All our drivers and warehouse staff are trained to load, fit, store, and transport goods of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that your cargo can be loaded safely and transported undamaged no matter how tight a deadline.

Most of our deliveries are managed on a pallet basis to ensure the safe transport of goods, and our non-standard goods are no different. We will source non-standard pallets crafted to the dimensions, shape, and size needed for your cargo and strap them down to prevent unnecessary movement within our vehicle.  

See how we’ve put this philosophy into practice in our Markilux case study, where we transported awnings across Europe. 

Reducing Delays in your Supply Chain

Delays anywhere in your supply chain could prevent you from meeting crucial deadlines. Cargo Express can manage your whole logistics operation from beginning to end, preventing delays, or adapting quickly should one occur.

Depending on your business needs, we can handle all the necessary paperwork for border crossings and customs checks, the collection or drop-off of materials, and groupage operations to help reduce costs. We can even organise international pick ups should you be shipping further afield using our sea or air freight options!

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