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Transport Solutions for Non-standard Goods

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In logistics, non-standard goods or loads are any kind of shipment which may require specialist packing and attention to ensure that the product arrives at its destination without any damage.

Non-standard loads can come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s the point. If your business produces and needs to move packages that could be difficult to transport, you may need the help of a specialist logistics solutions provider, like Cargo Express.

Read on to find out how our expert staff are trained to deal with your goods!

It can be hard to source reliable logistics solutions for non-standard goods

One of the most worrying things to think about when sourcing logistics solutions for non-standard goods is the reliability of the company you will be working with, from both a time-sensitive and goods safety standpoint.

You may be concerned about how your non-standard goods will be packaged, whether they might be damaged in transport, and if they will arrive with your client within the expected time frames.

It is not uncommon for cheap logistics solutions to package and load goods in a slightly careless way to fit as many items in to one load as possible, which may result in damage upon arrival. That’s because the drivers and warehouse staff handling your delivery may not be fully trained on how to deal with awkwardly shaped items.

They may also utilise a pallet network to increase the speed of their delivery, though this can again result in damaged goods if the partnered companies within the pallet network are not properly trained. It’s also not uncommon for pallet networks to arrive late!

Our main domestic business is non-standard goods

We have a long history of experience delivering shelving units, lockers, and more for customers across the UK. In fact, we make more than 2,000 non-standard deliveries every single week!

As such, we provide our drivers with everything they need to handle your delivery, including the relevant materials to load, secure, and transport your shipment.

Perhaps most importantly, though, we provide our staff with the training they need to safely handle these deliveries to avoid damage.

We also ensure that we have non-standard pallets shaped and sized to the exact specifications of your delivery if they are needed. These kinds of pallets will ensure that your products can be safely loaded and strapped down to prevent unnecessary movement in the vehicle.

Every vehicle in our varied fleet has the resources it needs to safely transport materials of all shapes and sizes. From the smallest transit vans to the largest mega trailer, our loads are carefully managed by a combination of our drivers and logistics management teams and safely strapped and padded in position.

Read our case study on a long-standing client of ours, German awnings manufacturer Markilux, to see our non-standard good transport in action.

Your goods are also cared for in our warehouses

We take pride in the safety and efficiency of our warehousing solutions, regardless of the size and shape of your material. Our qualified forklift drivers are key in the movement and storage of your non-standard materials, while 24hr CCTV and security measures ensure that your shipment remains safe while stored away.

Our warehouses have extensive pallet-racking for efficient, vertical storage, which allows us to safely store up to 10,000kg of material with a variety of loading bays and docks. This is used in combination with our pick and pack stock control and handling system to ensure that we always know where any package is, at any time.

Plus, our warehouses are located at key strategic locations near motorways, including in the West Midlands, to ensure easy and reliable access to key ports and airports.

Keep your materials safe during international shipping

If you need to ship across borders or outside the EU, our logistics managers will ensure the safe transport of your goods. Whether shipping by boat or by plane, our vast list of international contacts will ensure that your materials arrive at their destination on time and intact.

Cargo Express are experienced at shipping non-standard goods internationally. One such example is when we handled the delivery of several, non-standard refrigerated shelving units to airport retailers in both Norway and Singapore.

These shipments were made via ocean freight using the fastest available shipping lanes, as calculated by our logistics management team. We used standard shipping containers to maximum efficiency and only needed to use one for the journey, which helped our client save on costs.

Read the full case study to find out how our logistic solutions managed this shipment!

Use Cargo Express for your non-standard shipments

To ensure your non-standard shipments are both safe and efficient on their journey, work with Cargo Express and our talented logistics management teams to plot your route effectively.

We will help manage customs declarations, shipping lanes, and more to keep your delivery running smoothly.

Get in touch with our team today on 0121 384 1323 to find out how our logistics solutions could help you!