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Case Study: Emergency Time Critical Transport to Portugal

Cargo Express

Cargo Express were contacted on 27 December 2023 regarding a time-critical delivery that needed to be made to Portugal within four days during the client’s Christmas shutdown period.

The client was a manufacturing company that did not have the materials necessary to continue work, and a failure to retrieve our delivery would cause production to cease.

We sourced a suitable vehicle and driver immediately, transporting the initial material across the border with speed to France, through Spain, and to the destination in Portugal – read on to find out how we did!

What Issues Did Our Client Face?

Since our client works in the manufacturing industry, a constant flow of materials is required to ensure that all products are made on time. With the shutdown period affecting supply chains and availability, our client needed us to provide the necessary materials and then transport the finished product back a few days later.

This meant they needed both a large heavy goods transport vehicle, due to the size of the product that needed to be delivered, and a driver at short notice to complete this job. They also needed to avoid delays when clearing customs and crossing borders, as any significant problems could prevent the delivery from arriving on time.

They also needed full transparency throughout the delivery process to ensure that they could work to the necessary timeframes and adapt their operations if necessary.

How Did We Support Our Client?

Despite arriving during the Christmas period, our transport team took the call and liaised closely with our international team to find and plan a suitable solution. The job was an emergency and heavily time-critical, so transport needed to be organised quickly and effectively.

Our transport team sourced both a vehicle and driver while our international team set to work organising the relevant ferry bookings, border passes, and customs formalities. By preparing the necessary documentation beforehand and numbering pallets effectively, our team were able to significantly reduce customs delays.

Due to height restrictions in the EU, we analysed our available fleet and selected a mega-trailer as the most suitable solution. We also contacted a driver, who was located nearby but currently on annual leave, who agreed to take on the job covering the delivery and spending the new year in Portugal before completing the return journey.

Within 24 hours of receiving the call, the delivery had already crossed the border into France, where it then picked up additional materials for transport to the same location. The full shipment arrived at its destination in Portugal on 30 December, where the driver waited before starting a return delivery on 2 January 2024.

Throughout all legs of the journey, the client and all stakeholders were kept up to date with real-time information and data, allowing for full transparency.

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