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Why Technology is Crucial for Your Warehousing Solutions

Cargo Express

Warehouse storage solutions are a crucial aspect of the supply chain, allowing businesses to cost effectively store and ship materials or stock when they are needed most.

We covered the importance of comprehensive warehouse and storage management in a recent blog, but what about the technology and functionality behind our warehouse management services?

Read on to find out how we keep our customers constantly informed on stock levels and keep their materials secure using our warehouse management technology!

An easy to use, dedicated customer portal

The main benefit of our warehouse management technology is that you have access to the Cargo Express customer portal, a dedicated webpage where you can find and request all the information you could need.

The portal allows you to check stock levels, expected delivery times, and even organise deliveries with only a few clicks, meaning you won’t need to call us, arrange a visit in person, or wait for an email back to find out key information.

The portal is designed with the customer experience in mind, providing you with a simple yet comprehensive user interface with logical navigation and clear instructions. It can even integrate directly with your business operating system, like SAP, to maximise efficiency.

Stay informed with real-time data collection

The customer portal helps provide our customers with consistent, up-to-date stock updates and key information at any time of day.

Thanks to our comprehensive storage and data collection methods, you can access constant live updates of your stock levels at any of our sites, which is incredibly useful for larger companies or those who always have material on the move.

You can see exactly how much stock you have and where it all is at any time, allowing you to order more or organise deliveries when needed most.

Plus, whether you’re transporting to or from one of our distribution centres, our system allows us to maintain direct and consistent communication with you and our vehicles.

Every Cargo Express vehicle is satellite tracked for constant transparency, allowing you to see exactly where they are on the road at regular intervals.

Organise your own deliveries at the touch of a button

Our customer portal even allows you the flexibility to organise jobs and deliveries remotely and immediately, sending requests directly to our on-site team.

Using our unique “Pick & Pack” service, our warehouse team will receive the details of your request at the warehouse, immediately working to pick your stock from storage and pack it safely and securely, ready for transport. This type of semi-automated packing minimises human error when organising deliveries.

A driver will then be scheduled, providing you with an almost immediate delivery report. Included in this report will be a time estimate for delivery, the name of your assigned driver, and the overall weight of your order.

You can check the status of any orders you make through the portal at any time, providing you with an estimated time of arrival and allowing you to see the stage your delivery is currently in.

Benefit from hand-crafted stock reports

Lastly, our system allows for tailor-made, engaging stock reports to help inform future business decisions. Using our data, you can see what you’ve requested, what’s in highest demand, and which items have been locked in storage for the longest, allowing you to plan regular or seasonal purchases to match demand.

This can also help with board meetings or presentations as the data is laid out in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion, allowing your colleagues to follow your points without issue.

Comprehensive warehousing support from Cargo Express

Looking to benefit from our unique warehousing technology? As one of the leading logistics and haulage companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands, we serve clients across the UK, EU, and further afield every day.

Our warehousing solutions provide our clients with the transparency and peace of mind they need to improve their operations and business decisions.

Get in touch with our team on 0121 384 1323 to find out how our warehouse management services could benefit your business today!