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Why Warehouse Storage Solutions are Crucial for UK Businesses

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Far too commonly overlooked while organising wider logistics solutions is the importance of strong warehouse management services and storage management, especially when your business is busiest around Christmas or the summer!

An efficient, accurate, and reliable warehouse management system is crucial for any business that needs to routinely transport materials, whether that’s delivering products to customers or moving materials needed internally.

Read on to find out why you should reassess or implement warehouse management services into your business model!

Why you should have a comprehensive warehousing solution

Warehousing is a crucial part of the supply chain, especially if your business has a large number of shipments to make every week. A warehouse helps you to keep your stock safe, accounted for, and ready to distribute at any time.

Warehouses are the ideal storage solutions for both national and international companies looking to establish a local distribution centre without needing to pay the costs associated with starting one themselves.

By utilising a third-party warehouse management system, you can save on building and maintenance costs, reduce human error, maximise space efficiency, and receive constant and reliable updates on your stock.

More easily keep track of your inventory

The main benefit of utilising effective warehouse management systems is that you can more easily and quickly break down and take note of your inventory. This is especially crucial if you ship or store several items at any one time or need several reports in short periods.

A third-party warehouse management system provider will store your goods in a very specific and logical way, utilising specialist racking and forklift trucks to help. The location and the contents of your shipments or goods will be stored in a secure system and any alterations made to your goods will be catalogued immediately.

As such, you can receive accurate and reliable updates and reports on your stock as often as you need, allowing smaller companies to let third parties take care of shipping for them, and larger companies to take charge of restock deliveries and more as they see fit.

This system also ensures that your goods are never lost or misplaced and are always in the correct location.

Enhanced safety and reliability

Utilising a comprehensive warehouse management solution will help keep any materials you store or ship with a third party safe, secure, and always accounted for.

Due to the nature of the job, warehouses must take security seriously, especially given the value of the materials stored inside. That’s why Cargo Express warehouses are in operation 24 hours a day, and each have a local security team, ensuring that multiple staff members are always on site.

Additionally, our warehouses are fully equipped with constant and comprehensive CCTV coverage both outside and inside the buildings, with every access point requiring a key fob for entry. All fire exits are also alarmed, ensuring that any unauthorised entrance or exit is flagged to our team.

How the new Think System helps manage warehouses

Cargo Express provides customers with more than 160,000sq ft of storage close to critical, easily accessible motorways in the UK, and those warehouses have just adopted the new Think Inventory System.

This new software is designed to help Cargo Express staff streamline our processes and further increase our inventory accuracy, integrating seamlessly with our existing programmes and processes.

It helps us to manage our clients’ goods and inventory more efficiently while also giving us an overview of our warehouse situation at any one time.

This system also helps us on our journey to providing a fully tailored warehousing experience to each of our clients, giving us the freedom and flexibility, we need to provide you with the storage solutions you need.

For example, our clients can integrate with the Think System and log in to a secure portal from home. Once there, they can easily check every item that they have in storage with us using the exact same system we do, facilitating easier and more transparent communication.

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