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How we Deliver First-Class Transport and Logistics Solutions

Cargo Express

The logistics industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, and that can also describe our customer demands. From new rules and regulations to last minute time critical transport requests, being adaptable and flexible is key to providing successful transport and logistics solutions.

But how do we do it, what are the key aspects of guaranteeing client satisfaction, and what will you experience by choosing to work with us? Read on to find out.

Listening and Reacting to Customer Feedback

When trying to deliver the best service possible, there’s nothing more important than understanding and adapting to customer needs. We strive to understand what our clients need every time they choose us, and we are always happy to meet these demands.

When choosing us, we will work closely with you before a job to fully understand your requirements. This helps us plan our storage, transportation, route planning, and timings before anything is loaded to maximise efficiency on your behalf.

We’ll even assign you a dedicated logistics manager so that you have a constant channel of communication with us throughout our partnership, providing you with real-time information, updates, and answers to your questions.

We also send out regular surveys to all our clients, asking for specific feedback after completing your work to continually improve and streamline our processes, ensuring client satisfaction at every stage.

Once we know what our client is expecting and what they need from us, we get to work creating a tailored and bespoke solution that checks all the necessary boxes.

For you, this may include customised and detailed route planning, often utilising co-shipping methods to help save on costs without compromising efficiency, organising customs and border crossing documents, and finding the right pallets for non-standard goods.

We specialise in non-standard and heavy goods transport as all our drivers and warehouse staff are specially trained to handle them effectively.

In fact, we specifically train our drivers and warehouse staff on how to best handle the non-standard goods of returning clients. One example of this is German awning manufacturer, Markilux, who have chosen us to ship and store their awnings for UK customers for more than 20 years.

The shape and fragility of Marklux’s goods make it important for our staff to know exactly how to load, secure, and transport these packages to avoid damage.

Providing a unique and specialist service and being flexible in its delivery are the key aspects of our high customer satisfaction levels. It is also why more than 97% of our deliveries arrive both on time and completely undamaged.

Utilising Technology and Innovation to Stay Ahead

It isn’t just our work with you that allows us to stand out, it’s also our willingness to adopt logistical innovations and technology to aid our operations. We offer 24-hour satellite tracking on all the vehicles in our varied fleet, a host of route planning and management software, and a dedicated customer portal.

This easy-to-use customer portal allows you to check stock levels, expected delivery times, and schedule new deliveries in just a few clicks. It is a crucial aspect of our warehousing solutions and means you don’t have to worry about calling or meeting us to keep your logistics operations moving.

It even allows you to benefit from hand-crafted stock reports, detailing the items that have been left in storage for a long time and which have the highest demand. This data can even be used for internal presentations as it is already clearly laid out with custom graphs and graphics to support it, helping you and your board make crucial business decisions.

Prepare for the Future with Cargo Express

Logistics doesn’t have to be complicated. By choosing to work with a partner who will listen and understand your requirements, you can simplify the process immeasurably and relax with full data visibility.

As one of the leading UK logistics companies in Birmingham, we are strategically placed to help get your material wherever it needs to be in hours.

Get in touch with a member of our team for more information on how we could help your business. Call the office on 0121 384 1323 and tell us what you need from a logistics partner, and we’ll make it happen.