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5 Strategic Tips for Choosing the Right Warehousing Solution

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Warehousing solutions can be a critical part of your business’s logistics operation. This is why choosing the right warehousing solution and ensuring your operations run as smoothly as possible, is extremely important.

Discover why warehousing solutions are an integral part of your wider logistics operation.

Below, our warehousing experts have outlined five of the key things you should consider when looking for a storage solution to ensure it is the best fit for your business:

Select the right storage space

When looking for a warehouse storage solution for your business, it is crucial that you find a warehouse with adequate space for your specific goods or materials.

You should also consider your future business potential when choosing a storage facility. Although you don’t want the space to be too large for your goods, it’s good to know that there is enough capacity for your business to expand its requirements over time.

Ensure it has a high level of security

Security is key to ensuring that your goods are safe whilst in storage. Your business should therefore look for a warehouse solution with the right security measures in place, such as built-in CCTV and secure access to the industrial estate and building, which can provide peace of mind.

Find a solution with an integrated management system

Warehouses that use an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) have better material handling, reducing the risk of error when locating and distributing the goods due to an optimised inventory.

If they utilise up-to-date technology and software, it means that the warehouse team will be able to find the exact location of your goods, as a WMS means that goods will be:

  • Scanned as they enter the warehouse
  • Have a set location within the storage facility
  • Scanned when they leave the warehouse to be distributed to their next location

Learn more about warehouse storage management and its benefits.

Choose the right location

When looking for the best storage facility for your business, location is key!

You want to ensure that the warehouse solution provides fast and efficient transport links, so it’s important to look for distribution hubs that are placed near motorways, with quick access routes to the rest of the UK and beyond. You also need to consider that it is the right location for your distribution requirements.

Check it offers integrated logistics solutions

If you’re looking to regularly distribute your goods, it is important to check that company offers other logistical solutions, such as transport and customs support.

With other services available to you, it can help increase the productivity of your business and ensure that your operations are more efficient, with goods being moved more swiftly, whether across the UK or internationally.

How can Cargo Express help?

Our heavy goods transport and logistics solutions mean that we can support businesses with their entire logistics operation, including expert storage solutions and warehouse management services.

We are strategically based in the centre of the UK, with a distribution hub in both the heart of Birmingham, near J6 on the M6, and Telford, near J4 on the M54, and have over 160,000 sq. ft of secure warehouse storage space, allowing us to support a wide range of storage and delivery requirements.

We also provide real-time stock control and handling with our storage management system, as well as offering extensive pallet racking, highly qualified forklift drivers and a variety of loading bays for distribution.

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