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Reducing Logistics & Delivery Costs Without Compromising Quality

Cargo Express

Reducing costs and maximising efficiency are always major considerations in any aspect of business management, and your transport and logistics services are no different.

But when you are shipping goods over vast distances, perhaps intercontinentally, you need to be sure that the service you pick will not result in delays or damaged goods.

So how do you get the best of both worlds and ensure a top-quality service while also having efficient and minimised costs? Read on to find out!

Analyse Your Personal Delivery Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to logistics. Your business will need a holistic, tailored, and premium logistics service to meet your individual needs, especially if you ship a high amount of heavy or non-standard goods.

Developing a strategy like this allows us to plan your routes ahead of time, optimise the available space in our vehicles, reduce the time your goods spend in warehouses, and co-load your material to help improve efficiency across the supply chain.

It can even help us select and ready the right vehicle from our fleet ahead of time, ensuring that both your shipment and any co-loaded material can be safely stored within the available space.

You will be assigned a dedicated member of our logistics team who will ensure all these processes are maximised for environmental, cost, and time efficiency.

Data plays a key role in helping us achieve maximum efficiency, specifically in how we use it to identify the most reliable and effective transport channels and routes for national and global shipping.

By working with the data we receive from your deliveries, we can work to further optimise and fine tune your delivery and logistics service, sending your vehicles on specific routes and loading your vehicles with other regular deliveries to help keep costs down.

The Expert Handling of your Products

When shipping non-standard, heavy, or delicate items, you need to be sure that the logistics provider you choose has a proven track record in the safe handling of goods. It doesn’t matter how much money you save on delivery when the item cannot be used or is refunded due to damage received on the journey.

At Cargo Express, our drivers and warehouse teams are trained extensively on not only standard handling procedures, but also how to handle the specific materials of each client. This usually entails our trainees working alongside experienced staff members to see the specifics of how every client’s goods must be stored, secured, and transported to avoid damage.

Plus, our premium groupage service means that even non-standard goods can be packaged and transported with co-loaded materials to help reduce transport costs.

Our case study with specialist German awning manufacturer, Markilux, proves how we do this most effectively, handling the full transport process of their long and delicate products from Germany to the UK.

Access to a Global Logistics Network

When utilising a cargo delivery service, it is crucial that your provider can get your materials where they need to with as little delay as possible. That’s why our established global network plays a key role in keeping costs down, especially if you tend to ship outside of Europe.

We have built strong relationships with a range of ocean freight and air transport service providers, guaranteeing your business cost-effective access to global destinations 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

A global network also gives us access to the best insights and planning opportunities from other logistics companies, helping to optimise our own operations.

Consider a Premium Logistics Service

A tailored logistics service developed specifically for your business can help ensure the safe delivery of your goods and even help reduce costs through route optimisation, premium groupage, and access to a global network.

Find out more on our premium logistics page or get in touch with the Cargo Express team to see how our services could help your business. Call our office on 0121 384 1323 and speak with an expert today!