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5 key trends that could shape the future of logistics

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In many ways, the logistics industry is the glue that holds the modern world together. It is our job to keep supply chains moving so that innovation can continue worldwide, and therefore it is crucial that our industry remains at the cutting edge of technology.

As such, here are five of the most important innovations and trends that could drive our industry forwards and shape our future, and how Cargo Express could use integrate them with your business. Read on to find out more!

Supply Chain Agility

Supply chain agility is all about your ability to respond and react to trends and changing demands within the sector, including market fluctuations and supply shortages.

Cargo Express are proud of our ability to adapt no matter the market situation, which is why we provide fully managed logistics solutions to our clients, helping them navigate tough logistical waters.

You might require a proven, agile supply chain solution if you don’t think you are prepared for a shift in customer needs, global trends, or the development of new transportation technologies.

Our logistics managers are experts at identifying and amending our existing logistical offerings in the blink of an eye to help our customers maintain a strong economic position. In the past, we have even set up entirely new shipping solutions at a moment’s notice for our clients when there have been port or airport closures.

Logistics Automation

The use of automation is becoming more common worldwide. Automating tasks in logistics, such as administration or manual warehouse picking, which would otherwise take human workers hours to complete and manage, helps save thousands in labour costs and time.

This is especially important for any clients who demand repeated, time-sensitive deliveries, as automation can significantly improve the speed at which you are able to deliver. It may even provide you with the ability to take on more clients without needing to increase your workforce.

By implementing automated administrative duties, such as billing, accounting, or reporting, you can also save time and prevent human error, helping you get a more accurate snapshot of your financial situation.

At Cargo Express, we operate using an automated warehouse management and stock report system, saving us valuable time when conducting inventory and storage checks.

Real-Time Data

One of the most recent trends in logistics is the adoption of real-time data which is then provided to consumers. This has come partially because of increased same-day or next-day delivery demands.

Live tracking has become vital for many because it informs consumers when to expect their products, and thus when to make themselves available, but also due to an increased need for reliability.

Cargo Express offer satellite tracking to all our clients, which is updated every five minutes to give you the most accurate data possible. Plus, we can even provide you with same- and next-day delivery options across the UK, with fast shipping options available throughout Europe, too.

Predictive logistics

Some logistics solution providers utilise predictive analytics to help keep their logistics operations ready for the future, using algorithms to analyse data to help predict changes to the market. These programmes can also help maintain optimal inventory levels, choose new shipping lanes, and manage warehouses more effectively to help save on costs.

While many predictive programmes are used in rudimentary ways right now, this software could be a huge part of the logistics industry over the next few years. Carriers like us need the most up-do-date information possible, especially when we are utilising our warehousing services for a client, as it can drastically affect the effectiveness of our service.

Our logistics managers use this data in combination with direct feedback from our clients to help us analyse and understand the most cost-effective and efficient transport solutions for our clients.

Sustainable Logistics

Sustainability is a global trend, and the logistics industry is already looking to take steps towards sustainable alternatives. While green, long-range HGVs are still undergoing developments, the UK is pledged to fully adopt zero-emission HGVs by 2040.

Cargo Express take steps to ensure that our travel routes are optimised for both time and emissions and ensure that our vehicles are loaded as close to capacity as possible. This helps to reduce our time on the road and prevents unnecessary trips.

Utilise the most modern logistics trends on the market

Looking to stay ahead of the competition? Logistics services from Cargo Express ensure that you can do exactly that through fully managed transport and logistics management services.

Our impressive fleet of HGVs in all sizes, twinned with our international connections for air and sea freight solutions mean that we can meet your logistical needs, no matter your demands.

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