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AEO Accreditation and AEO Consultancy

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AEO accreditation is an important milestone for logistics operators and international businesses, helping us to streamline international customs checks and allowing us to benefit from worldwide trade agreements.

But what is AEO accreditation, how does it work, and how can Cargo Express help your business attain the same accreditation? Read on to find out!

What is AEO accreditation for?

AEO stands for Authorised Economic Operator, and having AEO certification means that you are a trusted and reliable business within the supply chain. It is a guarantee to new customers and business partners that you have a proven track record within the industry.

It is a recognised business accreditation in more than 70 countries worldwide who operate similar schemes, and it allows us to offer a more reliable and efficient service to our customers. AEO certification comes with several key benefits in the supply chain and for our business.

How does an AEO certification streamline customs processes?

AEO accreditation plays an important role in ensuring your international supply chain is reliable, fast, and efficient. This is because the UK has partnerships with several countries that allows AEO-recognised business to streamline processes in:

  • The European Union
  • Japan
  • China
  • The USA
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore.

The government is always working on securing new arrangements with additional partners, which means AEO accreditation will only get more valuable as time goes on.

When importing from and exporting to these countries, the customs application process can be handled quicker and there are fewer document-based controls in place for AEO companies. This helps to drastically reduce delays, especially for destinations like China and Japan where there can often be long waiting times for selected package inspections.

What are the other benefits of AEO certification?

AEO accreditation also comes with other benefits that aren’t necessarily associated with customs and processes.

Firstly, your shipments will have lower risk scores, which can help improve the safety and security of your goods, reducing the chances of theft or loss.

Additionally, showing that you are AEO accredited is one way to improve your business prospects, especially as it can be enough to sway potential clients into choosing you over a competitor.

Including the AEO accreditation in website footers or email signatures will help spread the fact that you are recognised and reliable to potential clients!

How can your business get AEO certified?

To apply for AEO accreditation, your business must meet certain criteria outlined by the UK government.

Your business will need to be established in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, be actively involved in customs operations and international trade, and have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number. There are no restrictions on the size or turnover of your business.

Once your business has applied, HMRC will thoroughly check your business to ensure you have the proper processes in place, such as tax and customs compliance, record keeping, and more.

Cargo Express can help provide you with AEO consultation to help you complete your application effectively, gather all the evidence and documentation you will need, and prepare you for HMRC audits and visits.

We will even help to support you after your application has been submitted and accepted to ensure you are continually maintaining and adhering to AEO standards.

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