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International Supply Chain Documentation and Risk Management

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When shipping internationally, speed and efficiency are often at the top of your list of concerns. You want the assurance that your goods will arrive on time and meet your customers’ expectations. For that, a seamless customs process is essential.

Border crossings can be complex, and you may be unsure of the customs declarations and documentation required to ensure your goods cross the border smoothly. Working with a specialist logistics company can help with that – read on to find out how!

Navigating the Complexities of International Shipping

Countries like to know exactly what is coming in and out of their borders, which can often make international shipping a difficult process.

When shipping internationally, possibly through several countries on the same route, you need to make sure that you have the correct customs declaration documentation to avoid lengthy delays. You also need to make sure that you are paying the correct amount of tax based on the final import location.

Rather than handling it yourself and potentially making costly mistakes, consider working with an AEO accredited organisation who can efficiently and effectively do it for you.

Our AEO accredited status helps us streamline the international shipping process, proving that we are trusted, secure, and consistent throughout our international supply chain work.

We can even work with you if you are striving for AEO accreditation yourself as we provide a specialist consultancy service that helps ensure your business meets all AEO criteria and has all the necessary evidence before applying.  

Cargo Express can help ensure that all your customs declaration documentation is organised ahead of time and ensure that the correct payment of duties and VAT are met. This is especially important when transporting via international road freight, as your cargo may need to pass through several countries to reach its destination.

We can also help provide you with an ATA Carnet to allow for the temporary transport of goods, such as for exhibitions or demonstrations, without needing to pay the associated taxes.

We have a dedicated, experienced customs team who will give you total peace of mind, working closely with our logistics and transport teams to ensure all your specific international shipping needs are met.

Plus, our expert logistics managers are available 24/7 to support your deliveries, solve any queries, and help provide total transparency at all stages of our work.

Stay Up to Date with Customs Declaration Changes

International regulations on exports and imports to the UK have changed significantly because of Brexit and continue to shift even now. The UK has introduced steady and sweeping changes throughout 2024, including the removal of universal waiver in January and the expected addition of safety and security declarations on EU imports in October.

It can be very difficult to stay up to do date with all the regulations in every country you ship to or through. On occasion, new import rules may even prompt you to reassess your existing logistics strategy and require changes to keep it time and cost efficient.

To ensure that you always have everything you need, know what is expected of you, and are still minimising delays at every border you cross, work with a dedicated specialist who can organise it ahead of time.

As of June 4, 2024, all businesses will be required to use the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) for all export declarations.

This significant change marks the end of the CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) system, which has been in place for decades. We understand that such changes can be daunting, but our dedicated customs team is here to ensure that your business moves smoothly through this transition.

Proactive Risk Management

Before any shipment, our team work to carry out a full risk assessment regarding the required documentation, possible delays, and optimal routes to help ensure maximum efficiency. When shipping over vast distances using sea freight or air freight solutions, this will also include the risks associated with each method of transport and any freight forwarding services you need at the destination.

By understanding and working to eliminate all potential risks prior to carrying out the shipment, we can ensure that your deliveries arrive with no delays or unexpected expenses.

Our risk management will also guarantee the safe handling and movement of your goods, which may be fragile or of a non-standard size. All our drivers and warehouse staff are specially trained to deal with non-standard material, and we often utilise custom, non-standard pallets to help accommodate such items.

Prepare for the Future with Cargo Express

Prevent complications with customs declarations, taxes, or inefficient shipping methods by working with a dedicated and experienced delivery and logistics managed service provider.

Our expert teams can help plan out a comprehensive logistics solution tailored to the needs of your business, including storage and warehousing options and full international supply chain solutions.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more! Call the office on 0121 384 1323 and one of our experts will help talk you through your options.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that HMRC has selected us to test the Single Trade Window (STW), a new service set to launch in 2024. This system will streamline trade processes, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance international trade efficiency.

According to HMRC, “once fully operational, the STW will serve as a single gateway for businesses to meet import, export, and transit obligations by submitting information just once”. Stay with us for updates as we keep you posted on the latest developments.